Our Commitment

“AMERICAN SYSTEMS has a longstanding reputation as a veteran-friendly employer of choice. We are deeply committed to the values, careers, interests, and well-being of veterans, military spouses, and their families. As a Navy veteran myself, I take this commitment personally and am honored to continuously strengthen this reputation through meaningful actions.

I am so proud of the many people who have served our country and chose to ‘continue the mission’ with AMERICAN SYSTEMS to support National Priority Programs. In fact, nearly half of all our employee-owners have served in the military at some point in their lives. Our employee-led Servicemember Outreach And Referral (SOAR) program is dedicated to supporting these employee-owners, the veteran and military communities, and AMERICAN SYSTEMS’ mission to be an employer of choice for veterans and military spouses.

So, whether you are transitioning from your military career, have been or are a military spouse, or are a veteran who has been in the civilian workforce for decades, like me, I invite you to ‘continue the mission’ with AMERICAN SYSTEMS…and thank you for your service.

— John C. Steckel, President and CEO


What is SOAR?

AMERICAN SYSTEMS’  Servicemember Outreach and Referral (SOAR) Program is an employee-led organization designed to strengthen the camaraderie, recruitment, onboarding, and morale of fellow veteran and military spouse employee-owners through engagement inside and outside our company.

SOAR provides employee-veterans the opportunity to network with each other, assist transitioning servicemembers, veterans, and military spouses, spread the word about AMERICAN SYSTEMS, and take part in company-wide events celebrating military heritage.


Continue the Mission with AMERICAN SYSTEMS

AMERICAN SYSTEMS appreciates the value of veterans. We are indebted to all veterans, military spouses, and their families for their sacrifices to our nation and are honored that so many have chosen to bring their experience and character to our company.

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To be able to connect with our veteran community and provide potential employment at AMERICAN SYSTEMS has been a humbling experience.
— SOAR Member/Employee-Veteran


Recognition & Awards

AMERICAN SYSTEMS goes above and beyond to recruit, hire, train, and retain Veterans. We provide unwavering support to Veterans both within our company and in the military community nationwide. AMERICAN SYSTEMS has been recognized publicly by many organizations as a result of the success we’ve had in veteran employment, advancement, and retention. View additional and past awards here.

Employee-Veteran Recognition

Tony Prause, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran | Employee-Owner Since 2019

Tony Prause was recently awarded the G.I. Jobs Magazine “Employee Veteran Leadership Award” (2023).

Anthony “Tony” Prause is the Vice President/Director responsible for new business and overall management and oversight of his directorate’s current contracts. Even after 38 years, both in and out of uniform, Tony supports our country’s most necessary missions. He earned the respect and admiration of those around him by striving toward excellence, adapting in the face of adversity, and encouraging his employees while emphasizing balance. Tony’s leadership, adaptability, can-do attitude, and strong work ethic ensure success at AMERICAN SYSTEMS.


Annie Drazba, U.S. Air Force Veteran | Employee-Owner Since 2020

Annie Drazba was recently awarded the G.I. Jobs Magazine “Veteran Champion of the Year in Corporate America Award” (2023).

Annie is an AMERICAN SYSTEMS Program Manager and Hiring Manager managing multiple, highly technical programs. She recognizes that veterans have unique experiences and skills that make them excellent hires to support national priority programs. This makes her even more motivated to hire and mentor veterans, especially transitioning servicemembers pursuing their first civilian career at AMERICAN SYSTEMS.Annie’s understanding of veterans’ experience, natural empathy, drive to help veterans secure civilian employment, and love for AMERICAN SYSTEMS all continue our strong veteran hiring. She truly is a champion for veterans!


Ed Wakeley, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran | Employee-Owner Since 2019

Ed Wakeley was recently awarded the G.I. Jobs Magazine “Veteran Champion of the Year in Corporate America” Award (2021)

Ed supports our Corporate Recruiting Department. He is vital in strengthening military recruiting, hiring, retention, and promoting career advancement. He goes above and beyond by mentoring and coaching transitioning veterans. Ed is a respected employee-veteran and indispensable Recruiter through the excellence he delivers daily creating opportunities for veterans.


Our Outreach

SOAR’s outreach promotes our mission to strengthen recruitment and onboarding of highly talented veterans as new AMERICAN SYSTEMS employee-owners. AMERICAN SYSTEMS has worked closely with Transition Assistance Program (TAP) offices nationwide, Virginia Values Veterans, HIRE Vets Now, and many other community organizations committed to veterans for decades.

Through AMERICAN SYSTEMS’ contact with Veteran outreach programs, we reach these goal-oriented, dynamic thinkers and bring them into the AMERICAN SYSTEMS family. Realizing the untapped potential of our veterans and assisting them in their transition is a critical step that separates AMERICAN SYSTEMS from other businesses.
— SOAR Member/Employee-Veteran

AMERICAN SYSTEMS participating in a Transition Assistance Program (TAP) career fair at Fort Detrick (MD).

Peter Smith accepting the Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Award for Veteran Culture and Retention with former Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, Virginia Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs, Carlos Hopkins, and Virginia Department of Veterans Services Commissioner, John L. Newby II.

Are you ready to Continue the Mission with AMERICAN SYSTEMS?


Veteran-Centric Charity Support

AMERICAN SYSTEMS supports numerous charities and organizations dedicated to veterans and their families. Toward the end of each year, our SOAR Members vote for an organization doing excellent work for veterans to support. AMERICAN SYSTEMS matches our employees’ donations toward the selected organization. Throughout the years, we have supported many organizations, including:


Celebrating the Military and Employee-Veterans

AMERICAN SYSTEMS is proud to celebrate each military branch’s birthday, as well as Veterans Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, and the accomplishments of our employee-veterans. Throughout the year, we host several events, one of which you can watch below. Additionally, we recognize our employee-veterans who go above and beyond in the veteran community by honoring them with the title “In-House Hero” and spotlighting their achievements both internally and externally.

For the last 5 years, I’ve been at AMERICAN SYSTEMS. We too are family here. It’s my second home when I’m not in uniform. We’re honorable, and we’re professional. It’s as if we never took off the uniform at all.
— SOAR Member/Employee-Veteran

Paul Abney, In-House Hero | Employee-Owner Since 2007

Paul Abney has received local recognition from ALCOVA Mortgage for his volunteer work and dedication to the veteran community. Paul is a Navy veteran and a Senior Analyst for AMERICAN SYSTEMS. In his day job, he trains, coaches, and mentors sailors in anti-submarine warfare tactics and procedures. He also uses his first-hand experience to teach crisis leadership and damage control. Outside of work, and on his own time, Paul works with combat veterans experiencing post-traumatic stress as a part of the Combat Stress Recovery program as well as the Welcome Home Initiative. The Welcome Home Initiative assists war-zone veterans suffering from PTSD or moral injury through a three-day retreat-style experience including a series of speakers and discussions that give an outline for healing.

Employee-Veteran Spotlights

In their own words, some of our many employee-veterans share their stories—their experiences, their lessons learned, or simply tales from the heart. We are honored that they are part of our team. 

Dayton M., U.S. Air Force | Employee-Owner Since 2012

Integrity first, Service before self, Excellence in all we do, are the core values that the U.S. Air Force has taught me throughout my 12-year career. I faced a lot of giants as a young Airmen hoisting up a camera, supporting humanitarian operations, Operation Enduring Freedom, and many others. I learned about the value of leadership, comradery and self-control. Commitment to one’s country is one thing, but commitment to oneself requires discipline. After my time in service I strived to help take care of people, no matter the task, no matter the mission, no matter the circumstance. These values have spilled over into my career with AMERICAN SYSTEMS. Having the right tools, the right leadership, the right company, has helped bring out those core values in everything I do as an employee-owner.